The red umbrella – silhouette, by Drew Lockhart

The red umbrella - silhouette, by Drew Lockhart


There is something about a bright red umbrella on a dark rainy day that makes me feel good. Its like sticking two fingers up to mother nature, saying ” You may not want to be bright and sunny today, but that doesn’t mean i can’t.”

This is a simple vector graphic made from shadow and light. The hint of colour, i hope, suggests to you that beneath the dark lies colour and beauty.


Three stages of “Eyes” by Drew lockhart

Eyes- painting steps by Drew Lockhart

The progression of my painting.

I loved painting this portrait, her eyes captivate and draw me in. It not quite finished yet, i still have the bead  work to do on her hands and forehead, but i thought i would post it to highlight what is for me the best part about painting. That is creating an image and making it come alive. The joy and inner contentment that i get from painting is why i put brush to canvas or stylus to glass ( for my digital painting). The painting is my world,  which i can create in my own way. It is a glimpse in to my soul and a window into my dreams